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"OctoberBeast"? Really? Whutzat?


OctoberBeast is a really cool annual car show put on by Toyota associates on Toyota's HQ campus in Torrance, California. It's a tradition that been ongoing for 22 consecutive years that, let's see, started in 1992!

Typically there are about 100 cars, trucks, and motorcycles on hand each year. We have even had a few boats, and one year an airplane (early Piper Cub) showed up!

#2060 attends regularly!

OctoberBeast 2010

These VW buses are more frequently seen in flames on the LA freeways!

OctoberBeast 2010

Hot Rod Lincoln

Hot Rod Lincoln

Hot Rod Lincoln

Hot Rod Lincoln

R2's boat...towed by his "Lexson"...a Hudson convertible, powered by a Lexus V8!

Yes, A Boat!

A 'gen-yew-ine' CSX Cobra

Genuine Cobra

Bryan's Lexus Hotrod

Lexus Hotrod

#2060 in 2013...

#2030 in 2013

Mike's Tiger - 2013


Daytona - 2014


Cindy's truck


Chris R's Ford

Chris R's Ford

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