Happy Birthday, Carroll!

When it's a celebration of Carroll Shelby's birthday, all the ShelbyGuys come out for the annual Cruise-In at the Petersen Museum! This year was no exception. For now, I'll let the photos do the explainin'. But keep in mind, this was January 27th. When we left for the show at 7AM it was 44°, but by 9AM with the wind chill, it was approaching 80°! Perfect weather to burn some high-test, get some really nice sunshine and fresh air, and cruise on up to the Show!

My good friend, Rick and I cruised up to the Show together...that's Rick's red/white ERA Cobra next to #2060.

A few early arrivals...

You'll see that the Cruise-In & Show was packed. The entire parking deck level was full (even under 'the balcony')...

This is the flyer for the event which is hosted at the legendary Petersen Museum in downtown Los Angeles by Hillbank Motorsports and Superformance. Go their website to check them out.... www.hillbankusa.com

The Petersen Automotive Museum has been around for many years, and was totally renovated a few years ago. It serves as an automotive beacon for all things automotive-related and a very unique Los Angeles landmark. Go to www.petersen.org

As you'd expect, there were numerous Shelbys & Cobras in attendance, in addition to a wide variety of late model Mustangs & Shelbys and other Ford performance cars.

And as for Cobra's, well, they weren't in short supply! So the following is an assortment of Cobra cockpit configurations, followed by views of Cobras and their engine rooms....

So, how do you like your Cobra powerplant configuration...let me count the ways...

Joe's magnificent '67!

Our good friends and hosts, Hillbank was out in force....

Ain't it great to be an American!

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