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Factory Five & Huntington Beach

Yesterday, April 28th, 2018 marks the occasion of the 11th Annual Factory Five Cruise-In to Huntington Beach, California.

So for those 11 years, the Surf City shuts down Main Street from the entrance to the HB Pier at Pacific Coast Highway for about five blocks north from the Pier with parking reserved exclusively for Factory Five's car owners.

As you'd expect, The ShelbyGuy was there again this year with the Daytona Cobra Coupe #7.

And leading up this year's show, FFR was using this online flyer to advertise the 2018 event, in which #7 was prominently displayed ....thanks, Factory Five!

After a few crossed wires about meeting places, we shoved off from the South Bay with one Daytona and two Cobras hoping to meet up with others for the drive south on the famous 405 Freeway. About 30 minutes into the 45-minute run to Huntington Beach another 'train' of Cobras and Daytonas caught up to us for the final few miles into HB. It must have been a sight to see as this train of thunder rolled into the beach city., let the parking and set up begin!

This place fills up fast, with both Factory Five cars and people! There's always lots of hardware bling for friends, visitors, enthusiasts, and the curious to see, hear, and learn about...

This Daytona was over-the-top with some very creative and clever special touches. And it won "Type 65 Best of Show!

Sorry, no, not a real dog...

This Daytona drove [non-stop!!] from New York City's Red Ball Garage on East 31st Street (as in the original Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash all the way to the Huntington Beach Show. Just amazing!

We hope you enjoyed The Show as much as we did!

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