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2018 LASAAC Annual Car Show

That's the Los Angeles Shelby American Automobile Club 14th annual Tony Sousa Memorial Car Show!

This September Show is one of the highlights of the year for the Shelby Club!

This year's show was quite unique because of the special location: Carroll Shelby's old HQ location in Gardena, California, and home of the Carroll Shelby Foundation, the Shelby Store, and Carroll Shelby International.

This site was Carroll's location in the early 60's for his Goodyear Racing Tire franchise, as he was named the West Coast distributor for Goodyear's racing products. As the facility grew, so did many of Carroll's projects...which caused the facility to grow into Carroll's late life HQ. Before Shelby moved in, the site was previously a junk yard.

But let's get on to The Show...

#2060 was representin'...

Alan Grant's very special Lola GT...more photo details of this magnificent car further into this ShelbyStory!

Meanwhile, back in the Original Venice Crew (OVC) shop, they're building 36 R-models...some fascinating engineering going on here!

The IRS in an R-Model under construction...

A Bristol-engined AC Ace...gorgeous!

Two of 50 Cobra Jet Drag Cars

L to R: Ted Sutton, Jim Marietta, Dave Friedman, Alan Grant...signing autographs.

"Hallway" to the Snake Pit....

An artist's rendering of the Shelby International HQ building, inside the Snake Pit.

OVC Shop

...and a few details of Alan Grant's magnificent Lola GT...

Whatta Show!

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