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This website is about living with Shelby's wildlife. The addiction is incurable, infectious, and communicable. Left untreated, you'll even get withdrawal symptoms. There's no known antidote, other than driving the cars. But most of all it's thrilling!


The Shelby 'disease' started in 1963 when I saw for the first time a Cobra compete in the Hershey Hillclimb in Hershey, Pennsylvania. I was still in high school. It sure sounded different than anything on the hill that weekend. And, it sure was fast! That was the initial moment when it struck. Each fall in October I'd watch the Hillclimb, I'd always look for and root for the Cobras. I also recall in October 1965 there was another curious Shelby car at the Hillclimb, this time a Shelby G.T.350. It ran well and sounded really cool. Then in 1966, following high school graduation, I remember seeing for the first time, a '66 Shelby G.T. 350 with LeMans stripes, heading up the State Road hill from Drexeline Shopping Center. That was the sighting that finally did it for me! So, in January of 1968 I found and purchased my first Shelby, used, for $2,795 with 26,000 miles...and my 'arrangement' with Shelbys began.

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