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Shelby Cobra Engine


No, it's far from the original engine. The original sits on a stand, in storage, needing an overhaul. I'm over that...and you should be, too.


So what's in here? Well, for starters, it's been thoroughly smiled-on! There's about 375~380 HP on tap, along with 350 lb. ft. of torque. The redline is set at 7,000 RPM, and it will pull all of that (and over!).


This engine is based on a rare capscrew LeMans Hi-Po block, sporting iron 351 heads (bigger valves...better breathing!), forged pistons, balanced & blueprinted. The camshaft is a '67 Cobra LeMans (C7FE-6250A) racing cam. The valves are standard Manley, topped off with Milodon roller rockers. Finally, there's the Centerforce clutch assembly housed in a Lakewood steel bellhousing.


All the Shelby stuff is where it belongs, only better: Polished Cobra finned aluminum valve covers, polished Cobra aluminum intake manifold, and polished aluminum Cobra T-pan. The correct air cleaner and filter sit on top of carburetion that's an exceptionally reliable Holly 715 CFM "cathedral float" four barrel. Fuel metering is spot on.


Yes, it's still running a dual-point (with real points!), inside a Shelby-curved distributor. And on the exhaust, there's the "Tri-Y" Shelby headers, only now, they're stainless steel along with a complete 2½”stainless dual exhaust system from MagnaFlow.


All in all, a mighty nice, even tractable, but very stout, Shelby small block!

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