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Three Times Snakebit!

This is my very special Daytona Cobra Coupe. This is The Shelby Racecar for me. It's a Factory Five replica of the six 1965 Champion coupes that won the 1965 World Manufacturer's Championship, and defeated Ferrari.

This design was created by Pete Brock and the first Coupe was built in 90 days from the remains of a wrecked Cobra roadster. It became very evident to Carroll Shelby and the Shelby American race team that the roadsters, though fast were no match for the Ferraris, especially on the very long, high-speed tracks in Europe. The Team needed to find a way in the FIA rules that would enable the racers to achieve more competitive top speeds at those tracks. These special racecars battled the Ferrari's and others in the 1964 & 1965 FIA racing series. The new Coupe's first race was at Daytona, Florida, hence the name Daytona Cobra Coupe. The design began with Brock's hand-drawing on a napkin.

The aerodyamic differences are obvious...

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