SFM6S336 Gets Its Own "House"

It was a little over a year after the purchase of #336 in the winter of 1967, that I volunteered for active duty in the Army. I 'majored' in Nike Hercules Missle Tracking Radar Operator, and was eventually stationed in Swedesboro, New Jersey. There, the Shelby soon had it's own "G.T. 350" parking space (next to an "SS350" space that belonged to my Army buddy, Earl Carter, who happend to have a '69 Chevelle that he 'converted' into a self-made SS350, with a mere badge...hey it was cool, nonetheless!).

The Shelby did, however, get a new 'house' at my childhood home at 713 Stanbridge Road, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania ...garage photos circa 1969. If you look at the photos really closely, you will also notice a 289 Hi-Po cylinder head to the right of the garage opening....that's a whole 'nuther story!

And yes, those are Army fatigues on the clothesline to the left!

You might also notice a trailer hitch on the Shelby. So what's with the hitch? Well, much to my surprise, when I went to install the hitch, holes were already (thoughtfully!) drilled, by who I thought was Ford. It turned out the first owner, Gordon Seaward had previously installed a hitch that he used to drag around a boat in Alabama! I wanted a hitch for the Shelby so I could tow a 16' catamaran. I dragged that boat all over New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware to sail and camp out! I only wish I had a photo of the entire rig, set up to go camping and sailing for a weekend!

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