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The Nephew's Stealth Coupe

Don't let looks deceive you...this Mustang Coupe means business! Although it looks plain, it's anything but a vanilla coupe.

What started as a C-code Mustang has evolved over time into a Shelby in sheep's clothing. And it's all, literally, invisible. The only hint, if you're watchful, it the side-exit exhausts. And if you don't see 'em, ya might hear 'em.

This cool sleeper has all the 'good stuff' that makes it quick and it can handle corners, too. It's even got 'stance'!

For starters, it's a solid 289, with headers, straight thru mufflers, and those side pipes. It makes its share of horsepower, enough to keep The Nephew amused (for now, it's still a two-barrel...he's got plans!).

It's what you can't see that makes it so stealty, though...and it's all-new:

  • Lowered upper control arms (Shelby drop)

  • Roller bearing spring perches

  • 620 lb. front springs

  • Lower control arms

  • Strut rod bushings

  • 1" front sway bar

  • Strengthend shock towers

  • Performance shocks

  • Welded cowl brace

  • Front subframe brace

  • Export brace

  • Monte Carlo bar

  • Mid-eye rear springs

  • 3/4" rear sway bar

There's more on the way as this Stealth Project continues to evolve, so:

Stay at eleven!



Check out the cool side pipes!



Patricks Mustang Collage.JPG a nose...

By A Nose

013 Plate Front

...or a tail...

013 Plate Rear.JPG

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