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California Manufacturer Plate Replicas

013 MFG Plates

These very cool license plates were commonly issued to California-based car manufacturers (and still are issued today in a different color combination).

Of course back in the ‘60s, Shelby American was certainly an eligible manufacturer.

In addition, license plates were required per FIA rules during European races (like LeMans, Riems, the Tour de France, etc.).

These unique vanity plates are available for purchase at:

If you visit the website you'll also find a large variety of unique vanity plates.



1A MFG Plate A.jpg

The "1E" plate (below) was raced on the 1964 LeMans winner: Daytona Coupe CSX 2299, sporting racing number "5", with drivers Dan Gurney & Bob Bondurant. This was 2299's first race!

Daytona CSX2299 not only won at LeMans in ’64, it also won the Tourist Trophy in ‘64 and both Sebring and Daytona in '65 (although not necessarily with the “1E” plate in every race.)

1E MFG Plate A.jpg

An 013 "1E" MFG plate on Patrick's Stealth Coupe!

013 Plate Front.jpg

And on the rear...

A "1E" MFG plate on a Daytona Cobra Coupe at LeMans...

1E MFG at LeMans2.jpg

Note the hand made, on the spot, spoiler!

1E MFG on a Daytona.jpg

1X MFG Plate A.jpg

The "1X" plate (below) was raced on Daytona CSX2601, sporting racing number 54, at Nurburgring in 1965, where 2601 finished first in the GT III class. It's sister Daytona, CSX2602 finished second (#55 in the photo background).

1X MFG On A Daytona.jpg

Below, is CSX2286, "The Last Coupe", fifth and last Italian-built body by Carrozzeria Gransport, Modena, Italy. This was at 1965 LeMans, driven by Jerry Grant and Dan Gurney. Jerry Grant set the fastest GT lap record at 3:48.0. Here, the Daytona is sportin' a "2H" MFG plate.

At LeMans.jpg

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