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Jay Leno – Another ShelbyGuy

Among Jay's vast automobile collection, he owns a '65 Shelby G.T. 350, #120.

Lenos 65 Shelby.jpg

Lenos Collection.jpg

Here's a link to a video where Jay talks about some unusual and interesting Shelby-related memorabilia.

And here's a link to "Jay Leno's Garage"...

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Jay personally at the SAAC National Convention at the Fontana Speedway back in 2003-ish. He drove up in the '65 Shelby, parked it, and said, "Let's go watch the racing!". So, just he and I sat in the bleachers for about 15 minutes watching warm-up laps for the Cobras and Shelbys. We had a great chat! He was also curious about my '66 Shelby.

Here's Jay, just arriving...

Jay Leno - Fontana.jpg

Jay Leno - Fontana

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