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It Runs In The Family

This blog should really be called, "Brother Domenic's Wildlife", as you'll see in a moment!

My brother, Domenic, is another ShelbyGuy. He's had numerous members of Shelby's wildlife move into and out of his hands (and garage) for the better part of 50 years, too.

I think he loves "The Hunt" almost as much as he loves the cars of Carroll Shelby!

A peek at Domenic's Snake least for the moment, anyway! Think of these as transients, like hotel guests, rather than long-term residents.

A '65 Shelby and Domenic's Factory Five Roadster

The blue '67 G.T. 350

The Green '67 G.T. 350

The deep blue FIA Cobra

The Ivy Green '66 G.T 350

The White '66 Shelby...note the Shelby ten-spoke wheels and that large side pipe!

The Red '66 Shelby...with Shelby ten-spoke wheels.

Domenic's "Hybrid" Cobra...yeah, right! Domenic built this beautiful blue Factory Five Roadster. It's really a 5.0 from the donor Mustang.

The Red Cobra

The Silver Cobra

The Black Cobra

The '66 Shelby Replica...check out the very cool driving lights!

The business end of a GT40.

A Pair of Snakes...

More red 427 Cobra...

Ya just never know what's coming, or going, next at Domenic's "SnakeHouse". Stick around, there's more to come!

As they say in the news business, "Film at eleven!"

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