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Sunshine, Fresh Air & A Drive-By

Yesterday, I needed to gas up the Daytona (it's a touch thirsty!). So I grabbed the Daytona keys and my camera and took off in search of some Shell high-test.

After filling up, I stopped first at the Robinson Helicopter factory in Torrance, California.

Seemed like a great place to shoot a few photos:

Special Portrait

Robinson Helicopters


Saturday Photo

After dropping by Robinson Helicopters, I did a drive-by at the nearby Torrance Airport, also known as the Louie Zamperini Memorial Airfield, after the famous WW II prisoner of war and Olympic athlete -- you may also have recently seen the movie, Unbroken, or read the book by the same name.

...or maybe it was a fly-by!

At Torrance Airport

At The Airport

And, just for comparison, the next two photos were taken in the Spring of 2002....

This one at the Torrance Airport, but notice there's no hangar building in the background, like in the Daytona photo from today.

Shelby & Torrance Airport.jpg

Also shot in 2002 at the Robinson Helicopter factory...

2060 in 200201192015_0001.jpg

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