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Celebrating The '65 G.T. 350's First Race & Win!

It started with 5R002 and Shelby team driver Ken Miles, at Green Valley Raceway, Texas.

And by "started", that means it was the Shelby's very first race outing...and win!

Green Valley Raceway - Texas

As you can see, Ken Miles was hammerin' his car...and all the others' on track!

Gettin' Some Air

iPhone Photos 809.JPG

The story began here at the shop where the Shelby Team was building a number of R-models.

R-Model Production

And there was this curious idea for an independent rear suspension set-up that the Team never completely implemented on track.

Original IRS 'Study'

Take note of the transverse leaf spring set-up, using an idea from the Cobras. Also curious, it appears the left-side lower link is bent. Evidently, it was not meant to be in the '60s. Perhaps the Ford "suits" perceived the concept as not "feasible"?

So, are your ready? Then, fast forward 50 years, to February 2015...

50th Anniversary GT350.JPG

...and the first public appearance of the 1965 IRS R-Model Shelby Mustang, 98i! The "i" is for IRS!


The new IRS Shelby suspension.


What follows here is a photo essay of the re-born G.T. 350 R-Model IRS and its unique elements...

Ford small-block motor, with Shelby Engine Company aluminum heads.

Small-Block Ford

Shelby Aluminum Heads

Rear disc brakes on the IRS.

Rear Disc Brakes

A completely redesigned racing valance by Pete Brock.

New Racing Valance

The Office

The Office

De Go'er & De Stopp'er

New, significantly larger, high-flow rear brake cooling ducts.

Rear Brake Ducting

And then, stretching legs around the track:

Out of turn 9.

The Twins

#98i approaching the start/finish line. (#98i is with IRS)

98i At Speed.jpg

#98 approaching the start/finish (#98 is with live axle)

At Speed

Twins passing the start/finish line.

Twins' Debut

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