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Shelby Car Show At Willow

An especially nice addition to the 50th Anniversary G.T. 350 Celebration weekend was the Car Show on Saturday...

It's always fun at Shelby car shows. I love it when people walk up to me and say, "John, where's your Shelby?". I point toward the early Shelby row, and say, "It's the one that's white with blue stripes!"

Bruce K's 'School Car', with Bruce K....

Part of the early Shelby row.

ShelbyGuy's '66.

Weber induction:

A very early production '67 G.T. 350: "inboard" high-beams...

...and red running lights (quickly outlawed in California and other states). Only about 200 cars received these very unique high-mounted lights. Evidently, Shelby was way before his time by 20 years! Today, all cars since model year 1986 must have a Center High Mounted Stop Light (CHMSL)!

Early production "inboard" high-beam lights, also deemed illegal in several states, necessitated that they be moved "outboard" in later '67 production.

A really nice '69 G.T. 350:

The three Car Show winners:

Pete Brock, with the three Car Show award winners:

After the show, parade laps for the show cars; an historic and stunningly magnificent day at the Raceway!


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