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Knockoff Fun

Went to work on the Daytona's rear wheels and independent rear suspension today. The knockoffs were 'fun'.

That's a six-pound lead hammer that gives (and takes!) a beating. The knockoffs were dang near frozen! Nonetheless, got 'em loose, with significant, quite loud, and very appropriate cursing (which really helped a lot!), then scrubbed/cleaned the wheels and tires.

Also inspected the rear suspension components. I needed to slightly move a bracket that was contacting the left-side upper control arm/upright. At full jounce the suspension was striking the aluminum L-shaped brake line bracket. A little elongation of the mounting holes enabled me to move the the bracket upward, out of the way of the suspension, which solved the problem and the bottoming noise is now gone.

Cleaned up the pin drives (many were loose; one was particularly loose), and buttoned everything up...followed by more six-pound lead hammering, more (although gentle) cursing, clear plastic tubing & safety wire.


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