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Show, Go & Photo

Shelby Month at the Coffee & Cars Show today at Peninsula Center in Rolling HIlls Estates, CA.

Terrific turnout, numerous Shelby automobiles, and meanwhile the entire reserved parking lot area was full!

These first few photos were the early arrivals.

Brian's G.T. 350 in red, the Daytona in blue, and Mike's '69 G.T. 500 in green.

As you can see, parking fills in quickly. We were full today!

Following the Coffee & Cars Show, Patrick in the Stealth Mustang, along with the Daytona, cruised around the Palos Verdes Peninsula and stopped periodically for photos. Another magnificent SoCal day!

The Stealth Mustang...

The Daytona Cobra Coupe...

At Palos Verdes Drive East...

Well, yes...a lonesome dove!

That's Redondo Beach and King Harbor in the background below, from high atop Palos Verdes Estates...

A fantastic car show, a sunny drive, sprinkled with fresh air, high-test, redline verification, and a bit o' Southern California! Nice holiday weekend!

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