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A Sunday Shelby Drive

Sunday is a day of rest...but not for the Shelby (or the Daytona, for that matter!)! The Shelby gets regular weekly exercise, sunshine & fresh air, an occasional redline verification, and of course high-test.

We usually take the 'scenic route' by taking a lap around the Palos Verdes Peninsula by way of, well, Palos Verdes Drive (about which I've previously written and photographed; see the blog Drivin' 'Round Palos Verdes). PV Drive has four components: PV Drive North, PV Drive East, PV Drive South, and well, you guessed it by now, PV Drive South. The Drive is around 35 miles.

Most times, I also stop for coffee at a great coffee, pastry, sandwich shop called Saint Honoré in Lunada Bay. After coffee, I usually divert from PV Drive South and follow along Paseo Del Mar which parallels the Pacific Ocean for about two miles. From there, I rejoin PV Drive South to head for the ShelbyGarage.

So, here's a few video snippets of the Sunday Shelby Drive...

Here's the Palos Verdes Drive route on a map...

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