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ShelbyRoom Artwork

So the ShelbyGuy has a ShelbyGarage (with which you should be familiar by now!). And there's also a ShelbyRoom in the house!

Here's a few photos...

Mel Burns Ford

This artwork by Dave Snyder is called Mel Burns Ford. This Ford Dealer was located at 2000 Long Beach Boulevard, in Long Beach, California. And interestingly, this is the Ford Dealer who sold my first Shelby G.T. 350 to Gordon Seaward in December of 1965!

The dealership is gone today (replaced by 99 Cents Only store), however, artist Dave Snyder certainly captured the essence of that location in what was apparently the late '60s.

Evidently, Don McCain was the Manager of the the Hi-Performance Division, "back then".

Mel Burns was one of two L.A.-area dealers preferred by Carroll Shelby to distribute his cars at retail. (The other was Vel's-Parnelli Jones Ford, in Torrance.) With the advent of Mel Burns acquiring the Shelby franchise in 1966, a 1-unit showroom, built to highlight a featured used car, was converted in 1967 to a Shelby showroom.

Carroll Shelby Reunion

The next piece, below, is by Bill Neale, Carroll Shelby's great friend from Texas. Bill has done a number of Shelby-related renderings. This one is focused on Shelby's Palm Springs Reunion in 1989, where Carroll got together with Phil Hill, John Wyer, Bob Bondurant, Dan Gurney, and Roy Salvadori (Roy & Shelby, together, drove to victory at Le Mans in an Aston Martin DBR1 thirty years earlier in 1959).

That 1989 weekend get-together, at Laguna Seca Raceway on the Monterey Peninsula, Shelby, Salvadori and the Aston Martin were reunited as part of the 16th annual Monterey Historic Automobile Races. This piece is signed by Carroll and by Bill Neale.

Watkins Glen

This piece is by Dana Forrester, entitled Watkins Glen. I really like the green hues and how the two Shelbys 'pop' in front of the drug store wall. Also, the details, especially the unique details in the cars and in the brickwork!

Flying Mustang

This is a drawing, signed by Bill Neale, of that iconic photo and day at Green Valley Raceway in Texas, which was the first time out to race for the new G.T. 350 R-Model (5R002), Ken Miles driving. Carroll Shelby's comments were, "We went to our first race at Green Valley, and Ken Miles blew the Corvettes off."

Again, Bill Neale captured the essence of the Flying Mustang (from two different angles, no less!). This art is difficult to photograph because of it's vertical-ness, but here's my two best attempts...

And, with a little more detail...

So in the ShelbyRoom, ya gotta have a place to hang your Shelby hats! No better place than on a camera tripod...

And, the ShelbyRoom needs a few 'toys', too...

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