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G.T. 350 SFM6S336 Reunited

After 36 years of being 'apart', I celebrated a reunion with my first 1966 Shelby G.T. 350, number 336.

This special Shelby Get-Together happened courtesy of Tim Kilinski, 336's current owner. Tim has owned the Shelby since 1979, shortly after I sold the Shelby.

Since Tim, who lives in Virginia, decided to drive #336 to this year's Monterey Historics (see below) from Virginia, he called and said he'd drop-in for a visit on his way to Monterey, CA and Laguna Seca Raceway.

So, after calling me from Oklahoma City (about halfway across the country), Tim and the Shelby made the run into the Los Angeles Basin, and stopped by the house for several hours with #336. Tim's Shelby traveled the distance from Virginia to Los Angeles without skipping a beat and none the worse for wear.

It was really good to see the old gal, who during my time with this Shelby treated me exceptionally well for over twelve years of ownership (if that car could talk!). When we parted ways back in 1979, #336 had accumulated 101,000 miles, a new short block and heads, LeMans cam, a Ford Toploader, and a lot of minor wounds (among other things!). This Shelby, like them all in the late '60s and '70s, living in Pennsylvania and New Jersey largely endured daily-drivership, snow, road salt, grime, abuse...well I could go on!

#336 is a unique Shelby because as an early car, it was originally equipped with a few, but not all, early-car features. It was close to a carry-over car (those that were "carried over" from '65, titled as '66s, but having nearly all the '65 features). So, for example, #336 had override traction bars, rear suspension limiting cables, and a full set of Koni shock absorbers; but uniquely #336 did not originally get the 'early-car' one-inch front suspension lowering modification. I did the modification myself sometime in mid- to late-70's (too long ago to recall precisely!). I was also guilty for the installation of those 7" Cibié driving lights!

Shortly after I sold #336, and Tim took ownership....

I was inside the house when Tim arrived, but I could hear him coming up the street and the driveway! #336, when it drove up the driveway, sounded especially stout: still strong after all these years (that LeMans cam is unmistakeable sound!). It was great to meet Tim, another car guy like me! We went out to lunch together in my #2060 Shelby and had a great afternoon. After lunch, we did a lap around the Palos Verdes Peninsula so Tim could get a feel for the area.

Here's a few more photos of our visit:

Shelby brothers...

Nearly identical twins!

#336 on the right and #2060 on the left.

#336 with #2060 and the Daytona Cobra Coupe in the ShelbyGarage.

#2060 on the left and #336 on the right.

Hard to believe it's been t h i r t y - s i x years that #336 and I have been 'apart'!

...and a hugh Thank You! to Tim for taking the time and effort to swing by for a stopover and a number of war stories. It was a great visit and trip back in time. Thanks so much, Tim!


Tim and his wife Leslie, following the Monterey Historics in in California, are driving #336 to Pocono, Pennsylvania for the National Shelby meet this year, and then driving #336 BACK to Virginia! That's roughly a 7,500 mile round trip for a car that's fifty years old! It did not miss a beat, except for a 'cranky' starter solenoid, which on a Shelby is two two-minute fix.

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