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You have questions! You know you do! So fire away and ask 'em if ya got 'em! So don't be bashful...I may be able to satisfy your curiosity or interest. And it's likely we'll both learn something!

Just recently, Tom R. from Pennsylvania asked me a few questions about the location of the two outside rear-view bullet mirrors on the '66 Shelby. Turns out from my research that there's no specific location for outside rear view mirrors on a '66 Shelby. Seems that some were installed on Shelby's assembly line (based on period photos) and some were evidently dealer-installed items (or dealer-replaced). Upon reviewing the old period photos and new photos, there's no consistency with outside rear-view mirrors or their location.

Tom and I went back and forth with a few measurements, and it turned out I learned a lot more about Tom (for instance, we both circulated in my old Pennsylvania neighborhood near Philadelphia!). And it all started with what seemed like a straightforward question! So now we both know a lot more about outside rear-view mirrors on early Shelbys!

So here's a few more thoughts about some questions...

Shelby Questions

Perhaps you've always wanted an early Shelby, and you're wondering, "What's it like to own one?" Or, "What are the good parts of ownership, what's the downside?" How about, "What's it like to drive?"

Daytona Questions

"Will I fit in a Daytona?" Or, "Is it hot while driving?" [well, there's no need for a heater in winter!] "How does the Daytona handle?" "Is the Daytona hard to steer?"

Here's How To Ask Away!

So how do you ask your question(s)? Easy! Click the "Home" tab in the upper left of your screen. Roll down toward the bottom of the ShelbyGuy landing page. Here you'll find a dialogue box that enables you to send your question(s). Looks like this:

Here's how to Ask A Question

I'll attempt to reply to every inquiry. Sometimes I can respond quickly; other times make take more time and research. There may be times I simply don't know...but ya never know who else may know the answer to your query. In the end, we all learn, so everyone wins!

If I get a number of questions, perhaps I'll add a new tab, "Questions & Answers". Well, the more I think about it, that'll be up to you!

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