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Daytona On Labor Day

Labor Day. Good day for a drive in the Daytona Cobra Coupe.

The Daytona has had a bit of downtime: It spit out the tailshaft bushing and seal (not to mention quite a bit of transmission fluid—red ATF), so it was in the shop for a new bushing and seal. While the driveshaft was out, it was inspected and balanced as well.

Here's a few photos of the bushing, followed by a few Labor Day photos and a video from today's shakedown drive.

Following removal, the underside was cleaned up, a new bushing and seal installed, ready to go for a drive again.

So, after collecting the Daytona, and waiting for a reasonably cool Labor Day morning, we went for a shakedown. City streets, freeway at high speed, then a lap around the Palos Verdes Peninsula followed by a stop for coffee...about 50 miles. No leaks!

...and for your viewing enjoyment, a little video from Palos Verdes Drive East!

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