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Belmont Shore Car Show

Belmont Shore is a section in Long Beach, California that also includes a thriving shopping/dining district on 2nd Street. The annual Belmont Shore Car Show, which occurs every September, celebrated its 26th consecutive year this year! The Show also attracts multitudes of people!

The Show typically loads over 700 cars of all types on closed-down 2nd Street. Most of the photos here are of the Daytona Cobra Coupe and other interesting vehicles seen at the Belmont Shore Show.

This is just a small part of the line waiting to gain entry to the Show. Cars begin to line-up well before sun-up!

Sometime between 7AM ~ 8AM, we begin to load the cars into 2nd Street. The Show area is about six-tenths of a mile in length on both sides of the street. So if you walk the entire show, it's about 1.2 miles long, with cars on both sides of you the entire distance. And that's how 700 cars fit in this space! Since 2nd Street is four lanes wide on each side, cars are parked on both sides of each set of lanes (and in several small sections of side streets).

This is how things look once we're all parked and set up for the day...

So then, an entirely unexpected thing happened: sometime in the afternoon, a guy on a bicycle dropped by. I just had to stop him! I was probably the only person at the show who realized what he was riding! Really cool!

Finally, here's more photos of a few of the other cars here at the Belmont Shore Show for 2015...

A deTomaso Mangusta...very rare!

This set of Weber side-draft DCOEs was sitting on and wasting away on a Chevy motor, and worse yet, in a Cobra replica! Seems incongruous to me...but to each his own.

Nice (real!) G.T. 350!

Need to haul your car around in style?

This is one of the side streets along 2nd Street. I guess you could call it the Snake Pit.



A blown Shoebox Ford Woodie Wagon!

Well, it's a Chevy in a Ford Shoebox

An exceptionally nice Ford Flathead!

In this Roadster...

Towing Gone Wild! That steering box is right there, out front!

A towed rat rod...

Interesting rear suspension

...and the Belmont Show goes on...

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