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History Made—6S336 Anniversary Tour

Part III in a three-part series...

This is what I thought I needed to get across the country in a 50-year-old know—just in case. Turns out, disasters were entirely averted!

SFM6S336 standin' still.

Japan in the distance...

Return day...back safely & unscathed from a very long and exciting trip!

7,582 miles round trip!

After Pocono it was back to Virginia. I left Saturday after the SAAC car show and was home around 11PM. In three weeks of driving nearly daily, 6S336 and I had logged 7,582 miles on our 2015 Anniversary Tour across the country and back! I had driven 336 back to southern California to its roots.

We had continued on to attend the 30th NorCal Mini Nats in Sonoma. Participated in the 50th G.T. 350 celebrations at Laguna Seca. We then dashed back east cross-country for the SAAC 40th convention at Pocono. One continuous trip to a trifecta of G.T. 350 celebrations. We drove to them all after starting in Smithfield, Virginia. The only thing I replaced was that starter solenoid and the Shelby was running great with right at 20mpg on the trip home to Virginia from Pocono. Not bad for a 50-year-old!

I met a lot of people on the trip and talked to many of the people at the center of the Shelby world. At Pocono, I had a long talk with Chuck Cantwell. It was pretty special getting his nod for what I was doing; he agreed Shelby would want these cars to be driven.

I met and made friends with many people across the country. It was an epic adventure that you can only get by actually driving, and that is what these cars were meant to be doing. As a closing thought I'd like to encourage you all to get out there and drive!

You know "the scenery never changes except for the lead dog", driving in a 1966 Shelby G.T. 350 #6S336!...

SAAC will be doing an article on my adventure soon; that will be published in SAAC's Shelby American magazine.

For me, well, I hope to take 336 and make some more friends and history!

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