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Yes, Dave Friedman!

So today, I attended a meet-up presentation by none other than Dave Friedman. Yes, THAT Dave Friedman! The location was at Silvio's Photoworks [] in Torrance, California. Silvio’s Photoworks has been established in Southern California since 1977. They are dealers for most major photographic equipment and supplies, and have an extensive inventory of new, used, collectible, and hard to find items.

Dave shared his photography and stories from two experiences:

• The Bruce Lee movie, Enter The Dragon, and

• The Shelby American Years

Dave and the movie industry are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the restored release of the Bruce Lee movie, Enter The Dragon. Dave's new coffee table book’s title is Enter The Dragon, A Photographer’s Journey and is presently available at

Dave also graciously shared his Shelby American and Ford photography from the early years...when the Cobras were campaigning through the arrival and early work on the Shelby G.T. 350s and G.T. 350 R-Models. Fascinating!

Carroll Shelby

Dave Friedman, holding court.

Bill Krause & the Cobra's first race...

The Cobra assembly line.

Daytona Cobra Coupe construction.

Some of Dave's period equipment...

High banking at Daytona.

Both 'regular' pre-G.T. 350s & R-Models arriving in preparation for THAT Shelby American magic!

And they kept on coming, even at night...

An early '65 G.T. 350

Dave's presentation and talk was exceptionally interesting. He provided fascinating insights to the Shelby American operation, including a number of humorous stories.

Dave's stamp on the back of his prints...

And Dave graciously autographed my FORD GT book, packed with phenomenal GT 40 photography, which he co-authored with Preston Lerner. Preston Lerner and photography by Dave Friedman

Nice touch!

Dave Friedman

Dave is a fascinating man, with historically great photography and equally great stories!

I was also most impressed by Dave's humility.

Thank You, Dave Friedman!

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