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Last week, I received an E-mailed invitation to attend a get-together. The E-mail was entitled: DBA ; Daytona Coupe Day 90210. So what's up with that?

The opening line in this E-mail from Steve Wood of Panavia ( was, "I personally think we need to celebrate the greatest American racecar, the Daytona Coupe." Of course I was immediately hooked!

By the way, Steve Wood is the, and I quote, "Captured German Scientist" at Panavia (owner & principal). Panavia's tag line is: Intelligently Built Classic Cars for yesterday and today. In short that means they do Daytona Coupes and Cobras (mostly Superformance). From the Panavia website: Panavia is Silicon Valley’s premiere location for design, development, and restoration of custom and classic performance automobiles. We repair, rebuild, fabricate, and engineer solutions from scratch or to integrate into an existing system. We can customize a unique solution for your needs.

OK, so much for Panavia and Steve Wood. So what about "Daytona Coupe Day"?

Well, the invitation went on to say that the event would be held at the private home and entertainment facilities of our good friend Bruce Goldsmith (Bruce is the proud owner of a very special Superformance Daytona Cobra Coupe...see much more at And Bruce is a noted screenwriter and author.

So this is just the beginning of the Daytonathon story, mostly in photos and some of my comments about the experience...

Before you, above, is Bruce's 'garage'. Inside the center two-story section of the garage sits (temporarily) Paul Martin's Daytona Cobra Coupe, brand new from a ground-up, four-year construction project with Nick Acton of Acton Custom Enterprises ( There's a separate post here on dedicated entirely to Paul Martin's Daytona at!blog/c1a7z.

So, then, the Daytonas begin to pile in like cord wood...

This is Bruce's exceptionally unique Daytona Coupe

Bruce Goldsmith's Daytona

Including my Factory Five replica Daytona #7...

There was also a Boss 302 Mustang and late-model G.T. 350 to add a bit of spice.

Randy's Boss 302

And then that's about when things began to get interesting....

Who rolls in, but none other than Pete & Gayle Brock in his Brock Coupe...

Pete Brock's Daytona Cobra Coupe

Pete Brock (center)

Pete was followed a few minutes later on by "Mr. Cobra" himself, Lynn Park...with his exceptionally rare AC Aceca (pronounced "A-See-Ka"). This is Lynn's second Aceca...he purchased his first in the '60s because he couldn't afford a Cobra!

AC Aceca

This little AC ain't your grandmother's AC either. It sports a Ford small block just like a slab-sided early Cobra, that's been smiled on by Lynn. It uses a very similar Cobra suspension with transverse leaf springs front & rear. Another unusual feature: it uses a very unique alternator on the snout of the water pump!

Water pump-mounted alternator

That custom mounted catch tank sits right on top of the front transverse leaf spring!

That distributor is a work of art itself!

Standin' tall! Check out the exceptionally cool valve covers!

And, the AC Aceca interior...a nice place to hang out indeed!

Bruce Meyer came over for lunch with everyone, driving his '65 Shelby G.T. 350.

Bruce Meyer's Shelby Office

The Cobra Roadster was also representin' in the form of Bill's beautiful red example, replete with wire wheels and full of originality. This is my favorite version of a Cobra roadster.

L to R: Paul Martin, Pete Brock, Allen Grant standing adjacent to Paul's exactingly gorgeous Daytona Cobra Coupe.

Paul & Pete

Chatting about the Daytona Cobra Coupe.

L to R: Paul Martin, Nick Acton, Pete Brock, Allen Grant

Then, there's always That Guy...Doug Campbell jumps in!

A very celebratory day!

But the real reason for this incredible Daytona get-together was to honor the history and success of the six original Daytona Cobra Coupes, which were instrumental in the Shelby American pursuit to win the FIA Manufacturer's Championship. They were denied the win in 1964 (thanks to some deft shenanigans on the part of Enzo Ferrari at the end of the season!).

However, that Original Venice Crew, the great racing drivers, the rest of the Shelby American Team, and Carroll Shelby victoriously brought home the 1965 World Sportscar Championship.

Just like that '65 Championship win, this special event won't ever be forgotten by those who attended, including me, the ShelbyGuy.

Huge thanks go to our most gracious hosts, Bruce & Julie Goldsmith who shared their spectacular estate grounds and fed the entire crowd with appetizers and a sit-down gourmet lunch in the "Copacabana".

In addition, another 'Bravo' goes to Steve Wood of Panavia for instigating and coordinating this stellar event. He was the catalyst!

Ron Thorn (of Thorn Custom Guitars ( put together a uniquely special closing memento for each Daytona Coupe driver and a very classy touch:

A very special keepsake.

And lastly, for all of our friends who attended with their Daytona Coupes & other special cars: THANK YOU!

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