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Cobras In Huntington Beach

April 30th, 2016 was Factory Five's ninth annual Huntington Beach–Factory Five Cruise-In. The Show was at capacity of about 150 cars, including (of course!) numerous Cobra Roadsters, a number of Daytona Cobra Coupes, FFR GTMs, FFR '33 Hot Rods, a couple of 289 USRRC Roadsters (aka FIA Cobras), and a couple of FFR's "818" Sportscar models.

Arrivals, getting in place and lined up...

A Roadster friend, Mario, and I met up early for the drive down from Torrance to Huntington Beach (about 45 minutes away). We were supposed to be getting coordinates so we could join up with a herd of Cobras flying south from points further north on the 405 Freeway (that's an Interstate highway here in California, though some are not so free nowadays!).

When we didn't hear from the southbound group, we simply decided to pull the trigger and head south to HB. No sooner were we up to speed on the Freeway, when we caught up to the group...some pretty good Karma, eh! Now, we're a freight train of Cobras and two Daytonas, well, 'snaking' down the Freeway, and ready to descend upon Huntington Beach. What a kick!

The Factory Five Show shuts down Huntington Beach's Main Street, just steps from the ocean and HB Pier. There are numerous retail shops and eateries, so there's something for everyone.

These are just a few of the cars from "the train'. That's Mario's magnificent Cobra Roadster in the foreground.

That's the ShelbyGuy's Daytona Cobra Coupe.

I named this one the Gentleman's Cobra. It's subtle and simply low-key. It's a beautiful maroon color with ghost stripes, leather interior (with seat heaters, no less!!), wire wheels, no roll bar(s). The car, although a 427-style body, implies the early small-block, slab-side Cobras. It's very elegant and brilliantly implemented.

Ghost stripes barely visible on the rear deck...

Can you say, "Seat Heaters"?

And, the engine for same...

No, it's not 50% off!

Ron's beautiful Daytona Cobra Coupe, strikingly decked out in the Ford of France colors, white with blue stripes. It should be noted that white & blue are US international racing colors.

A historical note, below: In 1965, Daytona CSX2300 ran at Nürburgring as #56, on behalf of Ford of France, prepared by Alan Mann Racing. This was the only time a Daytona was raced in white; and at that race the Daytona finished third in GT III.

This Daytona gets plenty of track time...and it's for sale!

And now for a few engines...

Weber side-draft DCOE's

An Eight-Stack...

Magnificent Webers!

A Cobra Roadster, a '33 Hot Rod (in flames!), and Factory Five's newest model, the 818, a two-seater, mid-engine sports car, based on Subaru’s Impreza/WRX running gear.

Red Roadster, Red Roadster...


Somebody, please call a cab!

Nice aluminum louvered hood.

Nice workmanship!

Mario's Cobra Roadster.

And Factory Five's new FIA Cobra...note the trunk dimples, because the FIA rules required a suitcase in the trunk; so Shelby American 'made-it-fit-right-in-there' to speak!

...with an Eight-Stack fuel injection system.

Racing dash layout.

And now for a few of FFR's GTMs:

These are largely based on 1997~2004 Corvette mechanicals and running gear.

Check the location of the ignitors...

So, these shows are always a lot of fun, seeing like-minded friends, exchanging war stories, driving to and from the show, talking about our cars, and just being involved and excited about Shelby's wildlife. It's all about the engagement and sharing our enthusiasm with others that is so gratifying!

But if you come home with some 'hardware', it makes a car show, especially a Cobra Show like this, even more enjoyable and special...

Enjoy the ride...

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