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2016 Carroll Shelby Tribute & Car Show

The fourth annual Carroll Shelby Tribute & Car Show was held at Shelby's old HQ in Gardena, California on Saturday, May 21st (this building was Carroll's Goodyear Racing Tire distributorship and HQ). Turnout for the Tribute and Car Show was fantastic, as was the level of excitement about Shelby automobiles.

Beginning with a spectacular sunrise, it turned into a thoroughly balmy So-Cal day (who knew!).

We started very early from the South Bay in a caravan of three cars...Rick's Cobra, my Daytona Coupe, and Patrick drove SFM2060. Someone stated that we needed a GT40 to round out the herd!

First stop was Starbucks for coffee and then on to the Show. They were already lined up to enter, however entry was quick and smooth!

All three of the cars we drove to the show were asked to park inside the building as were all the other early Shelby American cars.

This was part of the 'Cobra Room'...

ShelbyGuy's Daytona Cobra Coupe

...and part of the 'Shelby Room' (along with several GT40s and Ford GTs!).

More Cobra Room

ShelbyGuy's SFM2060

Late model Shelbys parked outside in the parking lot, and they were also in abundance!

As part of the festivities, there were a number of Shelby American luminaries in attendance.

For example, Scott Black orchestrated a panel that included: (L to R): Gary Patterson, John Morton, Allen Grant, Adam Corolla, Bob Bondurant, and Bob's wife, Pat.

Here's a few more photo highlights of interest...

THAT badge...

A Cobra 'office'.

The Hillbank display.

SFM2060 engine room.

Doug's Superformance Coupe.

A rallye Cobra, sportin' the Targa California emblem.

More assorted Cobras...

...and more Cobras.

And this is one of Anthony's unrestored Cobras..."as is".

Can you say, "Patina"?

It's so well-worn (and preserved!) one could do an entire photo essay on this one Cobra!

Truly a Badge of Honor!

The Hertz Shelbys were also out in force!

Along with the vintage Hertz cars, there was also a new Shelby GT-H in attendance...

Also attending were GT40s, a Ford Mk IV, and Ford GTs. The GT40s were a featured car at this event because of the 1966 1-2-3 sweep at Le Mans that year (followed by more wins in subsequent years!).

...and a few details....

What follows is an assortment of other Shelbys, Cobras, and others....

Bruce's "School Car".

An early Tiger.

A new Ford G.T. 350

A late model Shelby G.T. 350

We'll close this blog by signing off with some past, present, and future images while we remember and pay tribute to the man, Carroll Shelby.

Carroll, Thank You!

And for all you ShelbyGuy fans, thanks for 'watching'!

And thank you to the Shelby Foundation for putting on a sensational event! Jenni, are you listening?

Future Carroll Shelby Museum

Carroll Hall Shelby

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