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Mulholland Drive

Fourth of July -- Daytona Cobra Coupe -- Mulholland Drive. Three special ingredients spell a celebration!

Today, July 4, 2016, represents the 51st anniversary of Shelby American’s win at Reims, France. That specific win on July 4th, 1965 and numerous other wins in 1965 clinched the FIA World Manufacturer’s Championship for Shelby American and soundly trounced Ferrari.

Since it was Independence Day today, I woke early and hit the road with the Daytona Cobra Coupe for a celebratory romp in the Santa Monica Mountains.

That destination had the Daytona Coupe running north up the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) to the western terminus of the famous Mulholland Drive, north of Malibu. There, I turned right and headed easterly…but it’s far from a straight road! It’s about a 20 mile run east on Mulholland to Las Virgenes Canyon Road. That’s a right turn that takes you about five more miles south on Malibu Canyon Road to the ocean and PCH. It’s a terrific and scenic run and quite a workout!

After crossing Kanan Dume Road, I stopped at the famous overlook that provides a spectacular view of the valley below.

And in the valley lies the famous Rock Store. Although a Holiday, the Rock Store was crowded, so I did a drive-by on my way to Las Virgenes Road.

Here's a five-minute video of the run down to (and beyond) the Rock Store.

And finally, a few more photos along the way...

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