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What's An OVC?

Well, to be fair, it's not a 'thing', so to speak. Nor is it an inanimate object.

So to reveal the mystery, it's people, yes actually a group of people...a group of hot rodders, who, over fifty some years ago worked in a shop in Venice, California. So the group's name is OVC and it means "Original Venice Crew".

By checking out the OVC logo, you can see that they're also somehow connected to Mustangs. Perhaps the steering wheel in their logo gives it away? So why so special and unique? Who are Deez Guyz?

Deez Guyz are several of the very early Shelby American 'new hires' who had the skills and foresight In 1964 when Shelby American started with a "K Code" 65 Mustang 2+2 and converted Ford Motor Company's mild mannered Mustang into a heart pounding, fire breathing racer that dominated road race circuits all over America. Oh, and should I mention their early work on the Cobras?

And best of all they are, every one, the nicest and most humble guys—ever! Given their accomplishments (and escapades) fifty-some years ago you'd never know it. And, AND, they're still doin' it today!

Left to right: Peter Brock, Randy Richardson, Duane Carling, Ted Sutton, Jim Marietta

I won't spend much more digital ink writing about the OVC, because it's their story to tell, but here's yet another hint: they touched the FIA Manufacturer's Award winning Daytona Cobra Coupes in '64 & '65. So for now, I'll just point you to two locactions you should stop by for a visit:

and their

OVC page in Facebook

In either location, you'll learn and see what Deez Guys have been up to much more recently...and be amazed!

And for your reading pleasure, there's a recent in-depth story about The Crew here!

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