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Two Shows—Two Days

These two car shows were back-to-back over one weekend in September, 2016....and included three trophies.

Two of the trophies were from from the Santa Monica Shelbys on the Pier Show. Daytona, First Place and Shelby, Second Place among their respective peers.

So how did I get two cars to the Santa Monica Pier Show? Easy! Patrick, my nephew drove the '66 Shelby and I drove the Daytona Coupe. This was early arrival...

After getting parked and set up, the cars began to gather on the Pier.

You might call this a Den of Snakes! The Los Angeles Shelby American Automobile Club (LASAAC...the website is puts on a splendid show, very organized and the setting on the beach (or Pier, if you like) is fantastic. Quite a nice assortment of Shelbys of all types, and as you'd expect you're also among a great group of enthusiastic friends! This Show was the 12th annual car show for the club in Honor of founding member Tony Sousa. The '66 G.T. 350 Hertz cars were featured in celebration of their 50th anniversary.

Of, course, here's 6S2060....several Hertz Shelbys to the rear.

And the Daytona Cobra Coupe...


Sportin' the new (well, old!) DTNACPE California black plate!

Nephew Patrick was also busy at the Show. Here's a several of his awesome photos...

Patrick is a genuinely remarkable photographer!

Meanwhile, Hank's one-owner-since-new 'slab-side' Cobra. He's at every show and he drove the Cobra to this one!

Shelby Row

Michael's gorgeous K convertible.

Shelby Row

Two Daytonas. The Superformance on the left is Ron's.

So let's move on to the second show of the weekend, Sunday's Ponies at the Pike, in Long Beach, California. This show is at 'The Pike', right in the heart of downtown Long Beach, just across the port from the Queen Mary. This was the Show's 20th year (previously named Mustangs at the Queen Mary until the Queen's folks got a faulty lobotomy and the Show's location moved to The Pike)

This show attracts well over 400 Mustangs and a few other Fords. Since I have traditionally always shown the '66 Shelby here, I decided this year to change things up a bit and brought the Daytona Coupe.

Then this happened...

Meanwhile, it was a magnificent day. Good breeze, not too warm and a huge number of enthusiastic car owners and fans! What a nice setting!

Yes, that's the ShelbyGuy!

All in all, a pretty nice weekend along with some very nice 'hardware'!

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