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OK, mystery solved: WWRE is an acronym for Wings, Wheels, Rotors & Expo.

WWRE is a terrific car show and expo held during the month of October in Los Alamitos, California on the grounds, well, actually the flight line of the Joint Forces Training Base. As the name implies it's a joint base formerly operated as a Naval Air Station; the base contains the Los Alamitos Army Airfield and is sometimes called by that name. The written mission of the location is:

Operates a military installation and airfield that meets Army standards. Provide support and training facilities for military units and other National, State, and Local organizations, to include Emergency Operations.

This facilily is also ground zero in So. California for emergency services and support for the area.

If you're interested, you can learn much more about the location at:

But let's get to the 15th annual Show and expo...

The Show started EARLY! With so many cars to load into an active military base and airfield, and onto the flight line, you can imagine it takes some time. Loading commenced at 5:30AM!

First light...

Sun-up was spectacular!

Once the sun came up, it was pretty remarkable to take in the scope of the WWRE show.

There were aircraft of all types, well, lying around.

Including a number of warbirds.

And a drone for Big Boys with which to play around.

In addition, there were also a number of little airplanes, and during the afternoon, a full-on model airplane show, replete with dogfights and bombs!

On final approach...


There was also several "briefly wet" instances throughout the day....

The first one, pretty early on, seemed to be the wettest...

But the Daytona an other cars all survived the rain (and, hey, it never rains in Southern California!).

So let's look at a few of the other cars that were hangin' out at the Show:

This is Dieter's Mustang, aka MADM BLU.


Can you hear it?

A rather special rat rod...

That's a 427 Galaxie convertible!

And a 2006 Ford GT.

Some miltary hardware and one civilian-owned miltary truck...both 5-ton 6X6's

This is how the WWRE Show began...

And this how the WWRE Show ended...courtesy of Los Alamitos Police Chief Eric Nuñez.

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