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REINCARNATION, the magazine. Focused entirely on "continuation, replica and low volume automobiles".

REINCARNATION editor, writer, photographer Steve Temple photographed the Daytona Cobra Coupe and my friend Mario's Cobra Roadster together in April 2016. The shoot was the day after the Huntington Beach Factory Five Cruise-In [you can see THAT Cruise-In story here].

Following Steve's photo shoot with Mario and me, it took a while, but here's what happened next:

I won't say much more here because Steve Temple did such a nice job with the both the photos and our individual stories, other than to refer you to the digital version of the cover story, "Coupe or Roadster...Which Cobra's for You" Be sure to subscribe to REINCARNATION magazine, it's superb and it's free!

And thanks again, Steve, for taking the time to turn a photo shoot into a terrific looking magazine story and photos! Well done, Steve!

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