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Speaking Of Artists

May I introduce to you Mr. Shin Yoshikawa!

Shin, however, needs no introduction because his reputation and his work precedes him! He is truly a Rennaissance Man. Why? He's an artist, metal craftsman/fabricator, restorer, historian, writer/author, automotive collector & expert, and a photographer. I'm absolutely certain that there's likely more that I don't know!

Yoshikawa San is also world-famous for his anatomically accurate elevation drawings of famous automobiles. Lastly, (as far as I know, anyway!) Shin is one of the world's greatest experts on the Toyota 2000GT and a previous owner and driver of an original Daytona Cobra Coupe, CSX 2300!...two years in Japan, on the street no less

But wait, there's more! Shin also wrote the incredibly detailed coffee table book, Toyota 2000GT ! He is considered the worldwide expert on Toyota 2000GTs!

I have also had the distinct pleasure of first meeting Shin on the phone about two years ago, becoming a Facebook friend and getting to know about him on his website,

And recently, my wife and I were fortunate to meet Shin and his wife Michiko at the Los Angeles Literature Show. What a delightful meeting that was!

As you'd expect, I couldn't help myself, so I came home with this beautiful piece of Shin's handiwork...

...which now hangs in the ShelbyRoom...with apologies for my reflection in the photo!

To say this man is accomplished would be an understatement of vast proportions (however, Shin understands proportions, style, perspective...and music..he is also a concert pianist!).

Here's another of Shin's cutaway illustration of the Toyota 2000GT....

For weeks, Shin and I have been trying to plan a get-together at the ShelbyGarage. Getting our collective schedules to work out took a bit of patience, however, he and his friend, Yuichiro Kawamurra (a Honda VP) were able to visit yesterday, May 1st!

We chatted for a while in the house, and stopped in for a peek at the ShelbyRoom. I wanted to share his Daytona illustration with Shin and let him see that it's located in a place of honor. We also checked in on my Daytona Cobra Coupes coffee table book, by Pete Brock and Dave Friedman.

Shin also brought along a variety of gifts, for which I am most grateful....a beautiful blue t-shirt with a '66 G.T. 350 cutaway illustration (Shin's) on the front and a G.T. 350 emblem on the sleeve. I'll wear this shirt proudly, Shin!

He also presented me with an especially nice and very highly detailed 1:43 model of a 1999 Toyota GT-one!

And finally, a signed-by-Scooter Patrick-and-Dave Jordan poster of both Toyota 2000GT racecars prepared and campaigned by Carroll Shelby's Shelby American, and which formed the "Beginning of Toyota Motorsports". I'll need to get that framed!

Left to Right: Shin Yoshikawa, ShelbyGuy, Yuichiro Kawamura. We were admiring two BluePlanPrints in the ShelbyGarage: a G.T. 350 & a Daytona Cobra Coupe, along with Dave Snyder's rendition of Shelby American's production facility on the grounds of LAX.

I rolled the Daytona out into the sunlight so it would make a nice addition for a photo of my friend Shin Yoshikawa...

What a nice day to spend time together and share memories! Thank you for the honor of your visit to the ShelbyGarage! And, here's to good friends!

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