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Factory Five Cruise-In — Huntington Beach

In it's tenth year, the annual Factory Five Huntington Beach Cruise-In was fantastic...over 120 very special cars attended! Held on HB's Main Street and surrounds, downtown was filled with Cobra Roadsters, Cobra Coupes, 818s, GTMs, and '33 Hot Rods. All accompanied by, upon entry and exit some, well, Shelby "sonics"! That'll wake the neighborhood! I'll just say that I don't think anyone close to downtown had any hope of sleepin'-in this past Saturday, April 29th.

Time to wake the neighbors!

After the early morning start-up, I met up in Torrance with a few friends: Mario, Marcel, and Neil & his brother Marty: all three Cobra Roadsters

We set out from the South Bay/Torrance Area in a 'flight' of three Cobra Roadsters and one Cobra Coupe (#7, to be specific!), and headed south down the Freeway to HB, about 30 minutes away. There's nothing more fun than (briskly) motoring in Cobras among friends! Once on our way, the normal shenanigans commenced on the southbound 405. I set up a GoPro in the Daytona Coupe so we could get some rolling thunder on video. About the time we settled down to a medium gallop, a two-wheeled CHP officer slowly rolled past each of us, but he sported an enthusiastic thumbs-up! [if we were a little later getting on that on-ramp or he was little earlier, it would have been a thumbs-down!]

This 3 minute video clip is from the run south on the 405 Freeway among the Daytona and three other Cobras headed to the Factory Five Cruise-In in Huntington particular attention to the rear view mirror at 2:48 mark. I got a pretty cool thumbs-up!

The remaining run down to HB, after that CHP encounter, was fun nonetheless, despite the high winds in the morning. Dust and dirt were flying everywhere, but the winds calmed down as the day wore on.

We rolled into town and prepared for registration which was super quick...just a matter at driving by the booth and getting your goodie bag and then given an option to park to the right or park to the left. The Factory Five folks make it really easy, and give every car owner a warm welcome. Our crew parked together (in the same spots as last year's show!).

So, on with the a great parking place, not far from the center of the Show, and literally the same spot as last year!

L to R: ShelbyGuy's Daytona, Neil's Roadster (with Kenne Bell blower!), Marcel's Roadster, and Mario's Roadster

Here's what happens when the Edelbrock folks build a Cobra Roadster....this Cobra was especially nice!

Then there's the all-new Gen 3 Type R Coupe from Factory Five...

At any Cobra Show, you'll always find some interesting license plates...

And my pick for clever...this is Neil's "FAUXBRA"

...and there's more!

This should give you a sense of the crowds this Huntington Beach FFR Show attracts...

Until next year...

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