2017 Concours de Nice

Spoiler alert! Better get some coffee and a few extra minutes!

It's been a few years since the last time I participated in COCOA's (Cobra Owners Club of America - Orange County) Concours de Nice Shelby Show. This annual event occurs in June around Father's Day. The Club's 42nd annual and 21st consecutive show in the same location, was on June 11, a week before Father's Day.

There's something to be said about that show location, too: it's one of the best around. Located in the Park Mall, just across the street from South Coast Plaza. It's bucolic, rolling, grassy, and treed. Among the trees is a paved 'walkway', where we park the show cars. And the vibe is laid back and casual. All this among some very expensive iron, the Show cars!

This year, I entered the Daytona Cobra Coupe, a first time for this show. Since my Daytona is a replica, I didn't know what to expect. By contrast, in 2008, my '66 Shelby G.T. 350 was awarded 1st Place for "Shelby Original - '66".

In 2017, the COCOA Club's Show was heavily focused on the "Evolution of the Ford GT", so there were far fewer genuine Cobras & Shelbys than previous years in an effort to highlight the GTs. This in no way diminished the show, as you will see in a moment!

One unique entry was the Lola GT, below. Here is the car, the 1963 Lola Mk6 GT, designed by Eric Broadly, which led to the legendary Ford GT. But more on that a little bit later in this ShelbyStory.

But first, here's a few photos from around the Concours de Nice Shelby Show...

It starts with pre-staging in a large parking structure, so the cars can be appropriately grouped on the Show grounds. Yeah, the photos are dark, but you get the idea!.. and it was early and overcast! In fact, I ran through a rain shower on the way to the show! Think of these 'garage photos' as a prelude to the glorious day ahead!

After pre-staging (and some light rain!), the cars rolled out the Show!

This was the Cobra replica group.

The following images should give you an idea about the show's setting...and the variety!

An "AC" Cobra

Panteras and Tigers...

Early Shelbys were rare at the Show.

And a few late model Shelbys...

A little art mixed in...

As a major Show sponsor, Hillbank-Superformance was very well represented with a variety of Cobras.

And now, to the heart of the Show, the Ford GT 'family', beginning with that lovely jewel, the Lola GT (prototype), which incidentally. is owned and was restored by Allen Grant. Yes, THAT Allen Grant, seen below looking at the back of that easel.

The Lola GT, then begat the Lola GT Mark6 racecar (which I have borrowed from the Internet, with attribution to: Creative Commons).

So here begins the heritage trail present at the Show, following the Lola: Beginning with a Ford Mark I GT40 in Gulf colors...

Next up, a Ford Mark II GT40

Then there's the roadgoing Ford Mark III GT40 (from the Petersen Museum).