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Time To Drive!

It's become customary now to get one of the cars up into the Santa Monica Mountains on Independence Day, and this July Fourth was no different!

Up early enough for a 6AM departure and headed out to the far western terminus of Mulholland Drive and Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). The run up to Mulholland was uneventful, but surprisingly cool; no doubt caused by the overnight marine layer's thickness especially along the coast through Malibu.

Once on Mulholland, it began to warm up, as did the driving! This run, on the 4th of July amounts to 150 miles up through Malibu, along the juiciest sections of Mulholland Drive, back down Las Virgenes and into Malibu, then home. Including a few stops, I was back home at 9:15AM.

The two stops included a 'viewpoint' stop at the top of "The Snake", well known in these parts as the section of Mulholland Drive that's at first a very scenic view, then down the hill to the famous Rock Store.

Here's that first stop...

As usual, you also see some serious 'hardware' along the way...

The view up here is gorgeous year-round.

Here's a peek of the top of 'The Snake'

The next stop was at the Rock Store, traditionally open on Independence Day!

The Rock Store was also appropriately adorned for the Fourth! The guy in the blue plaid shirt on the right seem curious (perhaps suspicious?).

Some pretty nice rolling hardware is always lounging around the Rock Store....

And lastly, here's the drive from the top of The Snake to the Rock Store. Meanwhile, we'll just let this five-minute video speak for itself...

Enjoy the ride!

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