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ReinCARnation Strikes Again!

If you're subscribed to ShelbyGuy, you'll recall that I've written about ReinCARnation Magazine previously. Editor Steve Temple (who also writes and photographs for this well-done magazine) was nice enough about a year ago to shoot my Daytona Cobra Coupe alongside Mario's Factory Five Roadster...and then he wrote and published a story entitled, Coupe or Roadster...Which Cobra's Right For You? in the January 2017 edition of the magazine, and then put us on the cover no less!

What a thrill that was to be featured on the magazine cover!

And then this happened just two days ago....much to my suprise! ReinCARnation Magazine commisioned an all-new show trailer with some very special images on the trailer wrap. Among the photos was that same cover photo from the January 2017 issue depicting both the FFR Daytona Cobra Coupe and Roadster!

How cool is THAT!

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