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Sunday At Point Fermin

Each weekend both the Shelby and the Daytona get plenty of sunshine and fresh air. This Sunday, it was the Daytona's turn! So along with the weekly run around the Palos Verdes Peninsula (and a stop for coffee!), I also stopped at Point Fermin.

Pt. Fermin Park and the Point Fermin Lighthouse is the southernmost point in Los Angeles. The spacious park is also adjacent to Angels Gate park, home to the Korean Bell, Battery Osgood & Battery Farley (both WW II 14" "disappearing" gun emplacements), and a previous Nike Hercules fire control site.

So I parked the Daytona for a few photos.

Oh, yeah...they also fly radio-controlled gliders in the area!

Sunny Sunday, cool ocean breeze (relative to the inland temperature of about 92°!), and the Daytona! Good times!

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