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Friedman & Hillbank

A book signing, Shelby American, Up Close and Behind the Scenes by Dave Friedman, at Hillbank Superformance in Irvine, California []. How cool is that!

Got invited to attend the launch of Dave's new book in a special Cobra place, Hillbank Motor Corporation, "the premier source for Superformance, Shelby, Caterham & adreniline".

Better get some coffee before going further...

Welcome to Cobra heaven!

But it wasn't just the Cobras and Daytonas at Hillbank. The real treat was to visit with Dave Friedman [and friends...more on that later]! Dave was the official photographer for Shelby American in the'60s. He traveled with the race team, working his photographc magic with the mechanics and builders during the "Venice Days". Those were the days at 1042 Princeton Drive, in Venice, California, before Shelby American moved to the Los Angeles Airport grounds to build Shelby Mustang G.T. 350s and other projects. Dave photographed the earliest of of the Shelby years because he was there from the first Cobra, CSX2000. Dave's newest book, among numerous Shelby-related books he has written with his shared photos is absolutely magical!

But first, a few Shelby automobiles...

Some of the artwork hangin' out at Hillbank...

Now, back to Dave Friedman's book signing!

Mr. Dave Friedman...Dave is warmin' up his Sharpie! What an incredibly nice man!

Dave, however brought along a number of his friends to help out with signatures! His cohorts from the early Shelby American years!

From right to left...Dave Friedman, Bill Krause, J.L. Henderson, Jim Marietta, John Morton, Duane Carling, Sherry MacDonald (wife of Dave MacDonald), Bernie Kretzschmar

From right to left...Bill Krause, J.L. Henderson, Jim Marietta, John Morton, Duane Carling, and on the end, Wayne "Red" Pierce.

Sitting to the right of Sherry MacDonald (in turqoise blouse) is Charlie Agapiou and to his right, Bernie Kretzschmar. That handsome feller in the black golf shirt leaning in on John Morton and Duane Carling is Consigliere Lance Stander, Owner and Grand Poobah of Hillbank Motor Corporation.

John Morton, Jim Marietta, Randy Richardson, and "Red" Pierce.

The "behind-the-men" ladies of Shelby American!

So there you have it, Shelbyphiles. These are the THE guys and gals that made Shelby American in the '60s! And they're still goin' at it today!

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