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Marina del Rey Shelby Show

Dateline Marina del Rey, Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Los Angeles Shelby American Automobile Club (LASAAC) annual Shelby Car Show was held on Saturday, September 16, 2017. The show site was bit of a departure from the Santa Monica Pier, the show's location for many, many years.

Despite not being 'on-the-Pier', the Shelby Show was excellent: great organization, easy access, quick parking, and R O O M Y!. Although the SM Pier is a nice location, literally over the beach, this Marina del Rey location is equally as nice. And there was a lot less congestion getting out of the show at the conclusion. On a ten-point scale, I'd rate the Show a 9.0, perhaps a point higher than The Pier.

Meanwhile, on with The Show...

There's always a celebrity or two that show up, and sometimes the celebrity is a car. In this case, Jay Leno's all-new Ford GT.

Well, somebody had to drive the GT...Jay is remarkable: he tries very hard to talk to, literally, everyone, and he's exceptionally approachable. He's just one of the Car Guys!

So here's a few details of the Ford GT. All I can say is, it's beautiful from a distance and up close.

Doze Eyez! 👀 The '67 Shelbys were out in force because we were celebrating their 50th anniversary. And curiously, many of the '67s were pretty early (inboard lights) production.

#2060 was standing tall! That guy immediately behind the Shelby is Rich MacDonald, son of Dave MacDonald, one of Shelby American's most famous and successful drivers.

This gentleman won a Special Award for his early CSX Cobra Roadster. A genuine beauty!

It's a bit hard to see, but check out the radio!

Something for everyone and a very nice variety of cars!

Cobra Replica Row

Yes, it's a shooting brake (station wagon)!

Yes, TWO blowers!

Doze Eyez! 👀

I looked up TORQUE in the dictionary and found this G.T. 500 photo...

It was mostly overcast, but later on the skies, breeze, and weather were extra cooperative!

This is a 100-point '66 'carry-over Shelby. Magnificent! And it's SFM6S100.

ShelbyGuy hob-nobbin' with Jay.

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