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"Saturday Shift"

The name, Saturday Shift, is the title for the local Ferrari dearler's monthly car show.

The EarlyGuy (aka ShelbyGuy) gets the best spots.

The Ferrari show is relatively new (as is the Ferrari dealer here in Torrance) and the show attendance continues to grow organically in attendance. It's very laid back and low key. As for me and the Shelby or Daytona, well, I like to enhance the neighborhood. The Show is short & sweet, roughly 7AM ~ 9AM, every third Saturday of the month. There's also a Saturday Shift website where you can easily register for the show at:

When I am able to attend, I prefer to alternate among the Shelby & Daytona to add a little variety & spice among the Ferraris.

So, forgive me, if I share a few Ferrari photos from the show, along with a nice assortment of other marques...

What is especially cool is our Ferrari dealer hosts. Just a bunch of really nice folks! They bring coffee along and they hand out 'scratcher cards' for a few swag prizes. It's well organized, easy in/easy out, plenty of parking, socially fun and engaging, and everyone behaves themselves. Or, "as it should be".

See you at next month's Saturday Shift Cars & Coffee Show?

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