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All In The Family

In between Christmas & New Year's Day, my brother Domenic and his girlfriend Michele visitied Southern California to visit with some of the Saia family. They visited San Diego, Huntington Beach, and Rolling Hills Estates during their stay. We all had an opportunity to meet Michele, who, it turns out, is spectacular!

Domenic & Michele

Domenic & John

Domenic, Michele, John

And when the Saia's get together, it always involves cars...more specifically, Mustangs, Shelbys, and Cobras (a Daytona Coupe, in this case)! So after lunch at Rascal's with Helen, Patrick, Gioia, Domenic, and Michele, we went home to drag the cars out of the ShelbyGarage for a little sunshine and fresh air...and well, driving!

Patrick and his Stealth Mustang Coupe

Domenic & John with the Daytona Cobra Coupe

Then there's the obligitory stopover at the St. Honoré Cafe for coffee (and tea).

Domenic & John these days...Gioia

Left to Right: John, Patrick, Domenic, and the Stealth Coupe as background...

I'm sure there's more extemporaneous photos secretly shot during our get-together, so keep checking back as they always seem to appear out of nowhere!

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