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1st Saturday

For over 14 years, every month on the first Saturday, a group called PV Seniors ( hosts a terrific car show. It's called "Coffee & Cars", at the Peninsula Center in Rolling Hills Estates, California. Yes, every first Saturday, rain or shine (it never rains in Southern California!), and that's amounted to quite a long time!

And here's the thing: it's free for the car owners, it's free to the public, and it's from 7:30AM to doesn't tie anyone up for the whole day!

Turnout for the show is almost universally over 100 cars and the parking lot gets pretty full.

I alternate each month between the Daytona Coupe and the G.T. preferential treatment and I like to give them equal opportunity to show off!

And here's another cool thing about Coffee & Cars: the variety of cars is always changing, sometimes eclectic, but always interesting....

This is a one-off "Hirsch", named after the builder (different owner nowadays). Quite Cobra-like, and a Ford 289 powerplant.

A CSX4000...

'67 G.T. 350

Another Cobra

One of the finest FFRs around and a consistent show winner!

An excellent McLaren

Do you like rat-rods?

A parts runner?


THE Lexus Hot-Rod

Those two 'extra' gauges are boost gauges...

...and here's why...

At Coffee & Cars there's something for everyone!

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