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2019 Annual Car Show – LASAAC

Dateline September 14, 2019

The Los Angeles Shelby American Automobile Club staged its 15th Annual Tony Sousa Memorial Car Show at Shelby International HQ in Gardena, California.

The Show was a tribute to 1966 Le Mans...and so, so much more!

LASAAC Car Show Program

Peter Miles was our Guest of Honor, he the son of Ken Miles, Shelby American's race driver, mechanic, development specialist, and overall colorful character.

But there was much in which to celebrate: this show also featured the Shelby American employee reunion..those who were there in the 60's and still around today. Here's just a very few, interviewed by Randy Richardson, LASAAC President...

(L to R, seated) Jim O'Leary, Mike Donvan, Dave Friedman, Charlie Agapiou, Kerry Agapiou; Randy Richardson, interviewer

But wait, there's even more!

There were three iconic, famous, and winning Shelby American race cars also in attendance!

Ken Miles' Ford GT MkII #1015

CSX2299, 1964, First Place, GT III Le Mans Winner (winning its first race!), driven by Bob Bondurant & Dan Gurney

SFM5R002 - The first Shelby G.T. 350 R-Model, driven by Ken Miles, winning its first race, Green Valley, Texas

So now, on with a few Show photos...

#2060 participated in the '66 Shelby group!

...along with dozens of 2060's 'brothers'...

A commemorative pin honoring Ken Miles.

The Commemorative Car Show Pin, a GT40 Mk II

Out and about the Show photos....

The five former Shelby American employee panel, fronted by CSX2299.

The view as seen from a Ferrari

Risky Joe's #81

Ford vs Ferrari 'movie car'.

The next five photos I didn't take, however, these were provided by LASAAC member, Bob Lee. Thanks to Bob!

A particularly nice Mustang with several R-model touches...

In and out of The Lounge...

A handful of interesting details...

A variety of Ford GT's were out in force!

Detailing some of the racing royalty...

Hobnobin' around inside the OVC (Original Venice Crew) 'office'...

This car is special! The 'One-Of-One' Lone Star, owned by Mike Schoen. This was intended to be the 'next' Cobra in 1968.

...And "LS1", in this case, has absolutely nothing to do with Chevy.

But wait! There's more!

There's always a few shady characters in the audience!

An East LA barn find...

Among the '65 G.T. 350s was my friend Dennis M. with his stellar '65 G.T. 350.

Note the original COBRA radio in this early Slabside!

This incredible Car Show had many moving pieces. As they say, "It takes a village." Thank You to the awesome Los Angeles Shelby American Automobile Club ( team for putting together this amazing 'over-the-top' event. Also special thanks to Team Shelby (, and to Carroll Shelby International ( for making many behind the scenes arrangements for cars, people, and for assembling the Shelby American Employee Reunion. Very.Well.Done!!


Happy Motoring!

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Sep 22, 2019

Hi John, where are the pics for the numerous Cobra roadsters and the 2 GT40' replicas that where there? Seems like they are very ignored here for some reason. Lest we forget Carroll Shelby started with the Cobras and the GT40's were the main them of the show. I know you obviously like the GT350's but how about some equal time on all three Shelby important cars?

Thanks, Bob Lee

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