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Carroll Shelby Tribute – May 2022


It's been over two years since my G.T. 350 has been to a car show (same for the Cobra Daytona Coupe!) ...can you spell COVID?

Which made it especially nice to attend the Carroll Shelby Tribute And Car Show once again on Saturday, May 14, 2022 at Shelby's old headquarters in Gardena, California.

Car shows are always much more than 'just a car show'. They are even more so, "social events". The cars are the catalyst which brings together like-minded and enthusiastic friends & acquaintances. As noted previously, if you've not enjoyed that social element for over two years it makes such an event like this one even sweeter.

This year, Team Shelby & the Carroll Shelby Foundation were the team-behind-the-curtain. They did a great job of coordinating the show logistics and all the associated events. And this show had a lot of moving parts.

This entire event was in celebration of 60 years of Shelby American – 1962 ~ 2022, so I'll start with these two images:

There was a nice turnout of vintage G.T. 350s & 500s, shown here lined up and lookin' fantastic!

...and one by one...starting with none other than my #6S2060

Carroll's Gardena, California venue is tailor made for some awesome photogenic backgrounds to spice up what would otherwise be a pretty boring parking lot.

As you can see the late models were very plentiful!

Inside was a movie car version you just might recognize from Ford vs Ferrari...

Ford GTs, 'older' version.

...and 'newer' version.

Along with two of Carroll's personal Cobra Daytona Coupes.

Hertz & Shelby American are still at again, unveiling for the attendees three awesome new 'rentals', championing a variety of horsepower ratings. Starting with a 'tepid' 450 horsepower G.T. 350-H convertible, or G.T. 350-H coupe, right up to the most-adequate 900 horsepower G.T. $399-a-day (plus restrictions, and in only six city locations)!

You can review quite a bit more detail on all three "rent-me" thrillers right here.

Lastly , Ford GT designer Camilo Pardo was accounted for with his 'current' & stunning GT40.

I hope you've enjoyed the Shelby American 60th-year anniversary celebration!


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