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Replica Show

Yes, a car show intended specifically for replica automobiles! That means I'd need to get the Daytona Cobra Coupe out to this show.

ShelbyGuy, the EarlyGuy

The Automobile Driving Museum ( in El Segundo, California who's mission is to collect, preserve, exhibit and ride in historic vehicles. The ADM also sponsors numerous special events, exhibits, and shows throughout the year, ranging from, well, you guessed it: driving the cars on Sundays, to Hot Wheels Garage, Swing Dances, Gassers & Blown Street Rods, Corvair, Porsche, British, and Shelby Shows, etc. ...their list of Museum activities is perhaps endless.

So, on Sunday, June 30th, I attended the Replica & Specialty Vehicle Show. As you might expect, the audience for a show like this attracts a relatively small audience, however, despite that, the turnout wasn't thin and it was interesting.

These were a few of the earliest arrivals.

Then they started to flow in...

An exceptional Backdraft Cobra!

My friend, Brett's scratch-built aluminum McLaren M8

From diminutive, to overkill...

Five Ariel Atoms showed up as a group; one all the way from Fresno

...and one of the Atoms was turbocharged to well over 300 horsepower...

Well, this Bentley was special!

This 'sparkly' Meyers Manx dune buggy was representin'!

The M8 'engine room'.

And pokin' round the ADM...


Click this image below to launch a video montage...

Click this image to launch a video montage of the ADM!


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