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Tony Sousa Memorial Car Show

Calendared for Saturday, September 17, 2022, the Los Angeles Shelby American Automobile Club staged the 17th Annual Tony Sousa Memorial Car Show in El Segundo, California at the Zimmerman Automobile Driving Museum.

To kick things off, here's what it looks like at the Museum when the LA Shelby Club fills the parking areas to capacity:

I've also hand-picked several more unique or special interest cars that were represented...

Fiber is good for you...that is Carbon Fiber!

A spectacular FIA Cobra

Herbie Hancock's 1962 Cobra, CSX2006 (the sixth Cobra built) owned by Herbie since new!

OVC's "98i" and OVC's Roadster in the background.

A carbon GT40

And, here's a few more detailed photos that may interest you!

Weber carbs are good for you, too! Mmmmmmm!

Good carbs!

I brought along #2060 for the Show.

Can't wait 'til next year's LASAAC Annual Tony Sousa Memorial Car Show!

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