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ADM, the acronym, refers to the Automobile Driving Museum, located in sunny El Segundo, California. El Segundo is bordered by the Los Angeles International Airport, Manhattan Beach, a huge Chevron refinery, the Pacific Ocean, and many aerospace industry players.

The Automobile Driving Museum is unique because as the name implies, it's a car museum that drives its collection of cars. And they also do a variety of car shows throughout the year, including a Mustang Show. Originally scheduled for Saturday, February 18th, because of forecast heavy rains, the Show was moved to the February 25th (but more on that move later).

Saturday morning dawned a bit chilly for Southern California in February: 40 degrees at sunup.

Time to leave the ShelbyGarage for the ADM Show and to wake the neighbors!

Drove to the show early enough to stop for coffee before arriving at the Museum, and after checking in at registration, got a great place to park, right at the entrance.

I always like to photograph the G.T. 350, "unopened" before the start of a show. I think hood up is vitally important for show & tell time during the show, however, hood down is so much more aesthetic.

I was able to park adjacent to Michael Holmes, fellow LASAAC member and his beautiful '65 K-code convertible. Nearby was another GT convertible who incidentally won "Best Convertible". The convertible competition at the show was tough!

This Mustang won for "Best Engine".

And a number of photos from around the Mustang Show...

There were several Shelbys in attendance.

And numerous references to Snakes. Nobody knows why.

Another Shelby!

Here's another...

Did I mention there were a few Shelbys attending?

Yes, one of two. Concept originally drawn by Pete Brock.

...and speaking of Shelbys, this one is rather special.

This Shelby was built for none other than....

Yes, Cleo Shelby, Carroll's wife. What a most wonderfully nice lady! And, we were all delighted that she came to the show!

Cleo Shelby and a brand new friend!

My friend Michael's unique Mustang! He attended with his son and daughter. Good to see you, Michael, right there on the left!

And here's a unique chalk rendering of Michael's Mustang....

Speaking of Snakes, this Superformance Cobra was quite special for the 5.0 Coyote AND a blower!

I did say Shelbys, right?

Remember I said I'd mention the postponement of the ADM's Mustang Show because of rain in the forecast for the original date? Just wanted to thank the ADM's leadership, staff, and docents for making this show so nice. Seamlessly well-organized, exceptionally well-communicated, and in my view, perfectly executed. Thank you to Tara, Executive Director (aka, The Boss), and Marisol, Marketing and Operations Assistant for a great Mustang Show! Well Done!

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