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If you're a regular ShelbyStory reader here, you already know that I attended the Mustang Show with the G.T. 350 at the Automobile Driving Museum a few weeks ago (see the separate ShelbyStory, "ADM") back on February 25th. While at the Show, I also met up with a number of friends, including Michael L. and his two youngsters. Michael brought his wild Mustang to the Show.

While we were there, we met a young artist, Deven, who was drawing some really wild cars. It started with Cleo Shelby's late-model Shelby. Michael was quite taken with Deven's artistic skills, so he had Deven draw his yellow Mustang, shown here...

And, shown here, is Deven's artistic chalk drawing of same. Young Deven is obviously a very gifted artist. And it doesn't take him very long to do one of these beautiful art pieces.

But, here's the punchline!

I get a call out of the blue from Michael. He says, hey, John, let's find a place to have lunch; I've got something for you! So we chose a convenient lunch location and we enjoyed a terrific lunch.

Then, Michael surprised me with this...framed, ready to hang in the ShelbyGarage!

I was stunned and thrilled! What a thoughtful, generous, and perfect gift! Thank you very much, Michael!

It turns out that Michael tracked down Deven to draw the Daytona Coupe. But since it wasn't at the Mustang Show, Michael directed Deven to the ShelbyGuy website where Deven worked from photos here on the website. That young man can draw!

And, if you're in the Los Angeles area and interested in something like these two examples of your car, here's how to contact 'The Chalk Artist', Deven: 252-268-7409, or Deven's E-mail at I hear he even makes house calls!

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